Last breakfast in South Africa

Just enjoyed my last breakfast in South Africa. Tonight I will be flying out.

It has truly been an amazing month. I have connected with some fantastic people, seen beautiful sights, worked with something completely new fo rme and been able to deliver something which - if implemented - will make a big difference for the organization we worked for.

Most are gone now. I just talked to Chica, she and her husband will spend 2 more weeks in South Africa and hopefully we will manage to meet up for a coffee or just a hug to say the final goodbye. If not, we all said our goodbyes on Friday evening, a very emotional evening.

Now I am really looking forward to getting back home and to catch up with my own family, so close to departure I find I really miss them. The past weeks was all so busy that I had no time to miss my family.

We have received the invitation for post-work with Susan and a mail from Jaime asking for help in reviewing the new applications to be submitted in the coming weeks. That will be an interesting experience and I will sign up for that.

Bye South Africa and CSC team 10 and thank you so much for an amazing experience and for becoming a part of my life. We’ll keep in touch.

#ibmcsc #southafrica